Below are some of our client testimonials.  If you’d like to be included, please leave a comment below, contact us under the “Contact” tap, or e-mail us at Service@MetroClothDiapering.com.                                                                                    Thanks a bunch! :)

We started talking with the owners of MetroClothDiapering long before our son was born. We both had so many questions, and although we knew cloth diapering was for us, we didn't know if a service was the way we wanted to go. After months of emails with hundreds of questions ranging from how the service worked, to what type of diaper rash creme to use with the diapers, we finally had our consultation about a month before our son was born. The level of professionalism during the demonstration was amazing, not to mention fun! (Who hasn't had fun putting diapers on stuffed animals!) We got our first delivery before our son was born, and our hospital even let us use them in the hospital. The covers are amazing, the prefolds are really high quality, and the snappi is the neatest little device. We have had to teach so many nurses and doctors how to use it! Delivery is once a week, and if you have questions of any type, there email response time is quick. I'm so happy that we chose to use there services for our son, and have tried so hard to convince everyone I know to switch to cloth, and to use MetroClothDiapering as their service.  Kayla C.- Full Service

Metro Cloth Diapering has been such a great experience!  After a few friendly email discussions, the owner came out to our house before our son was born to show us how everything worked and to finalize details.  After my son was born, we were frustrated because he kept leaking through the diapers and covers, so I emailed the owner one day and she quickly set up a time to come back out to the house to help me.  Turns out he just needed bigger diapers!  Since then everything has worked really well!!  My little guy was just growing like a weed!  Other things I love about using MCD is that they are easy to get in touch with, consistent about pick up/drop off, great at answering questions, very supportive, and very affordable!  I recommend this to all my friends having babies!!  You will love it!  Tracy M.-Full Service

Our experiences with Metro have been excellent.  The in-home demo made us feel really taken care of and they have been great about troubleshooting and have been very kind and prompt.  Everything is always clean.  We couldn't be more pleased!  Clinton I.-Full Service

My cloth looks wonderful. The service was speedy and they were super helpful.  Kayte-Laundry Only

I got my cloth back and it's great! Thanks!  Aubrey-Laundry Only

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