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Small/Travel Wetbag $4/each

Approx 13”x 13” with Zipper

Step 3#

Pay your invoice or have payment ready for local drop off

      Rags consist of  retired prefolds that are torn beyond regular wear and tear.  However, they are still usable for cleaning and polishing.  Rags are sold by the pound. Depending on the size of the diapers, there are 5-10 diapers per pound.  
The sale price is $3.00/lb.

Retired Service Diapers

XL Large Wetbag $8/each

Approx 22”x 27” with Zipper

After our rental items no longer meet our

Service Quality Standard, 

we offer them for sale at discounted cost. Items are still usable.

Reasons for retiring items include: stains (usually caused by a non diaper safe diaper cream), small tears, & fraying of fibers.

Wetbags may have small holes (or large holes that have been patched) or stains.

Bags with holes that will affect function are disposed of and not sold.

Fitteds $3.50/Each

Size 1# 7-18lbs

Size 2# 18-30lbs

Size Comparison of all available prefold sizes below

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We retire stock weekly

Reusable Wipes ¢20/each

2-ply Flannel
(or Flannel and Minky)
Approx 5”x 7”

Condition B-Small Holes

NB 80¢/each
IN $1.00/each
PR $1.50/each
TD $1.65/each

Please feel free to call, text, or email with any questions

We do not offer local pick up at this time time. Our delivery day is Wednesday. Our route covers 50 mile radius from downtown Kansas City, Missouri and 50 mile radius from Lawrence, Kansas


AIO/Pockets $10/Each

Size 1# 7-18lbs
Size 2# 18-35lbs

PUL Covers $3-7/each

Elastic is pilly but still good. Snaps work. No holes in PUL.

Covers represented in photo are $3/each

Kc's cloth expe​rts

All diapers have been sanitized and are ready to use immediately. All sales are final. Square email invoice will be from “Konstant Krafters Fabric.” All diapers and covers are now made and sold through our diaper line Konstant Krafters.

Condition C-Large Holes

NB 60¢/each
IN 80¢/each
PR $1.10/each
TD $1.25/each

Condition A-Stains ONLY

NB 90¢/each
IN $1.10/each
PR $1.75/each

TD $1.85/each