Once you decide to use Metro Cloth Diapering LLC as your cloth diapering service, we will have an initial meeting at your home to which we will bring your first week of supplies.

Once you start to cloth diaper your baby, you will simply put your baby’s soiled cloth diapers (and flannel wipes if applicable) into the large wet bag that has been provided to you, while keeping your clean supplies in your nursery.  On Saturdays, simply set the wet bag on your front porch.   We will come by, pick up your soiled items and provide you with a fresh set.  After the second delivery, you will be on a rotation system: the number of cloth diapers and flannel wipes you turn in one week, will be returned to you the following week.

You do not need to rinse the soiled diapers.  However, we do ask that you “shake off what comes off.”  Once your child eats regular food, his or her BM’s will be more solid.  At that time we ask that you shake off any formed BM’s into your toilet.  This will help your home remain smell free.

Our 100% cotton pre-fold cloth diapers and flannel wipes undergo a rigid cleaning process.  We use bio-degradable detergent and High Efficiency Laundry Machines to sanitize and antiseptically clean of all our cloth diapers and wipes. This not only provides you with fresh and clean diapers, but it also helps your child remain rash free!  We sanitize during both, the washing and the drying cycles in our HE machines.

The convenience of cloth diapering rivals that of single-use diapers, especially when using a convenient diaper service such as Metro Cloth Diapering LLC!

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